Frequently Asked Questions​

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to Arabela Properties or looking for an answer to your question, this guide will help you learn more about us and answer many of your questions..

No, no one can have the nationality in UAE except the Locals (mother country) , but you will have an investor visa for 3 years (renewable) when you purchase a property that costs more than 750k AED,

and you will have the golden visa for 10 years (renewable) if it costs more than 2M and you can give it for 5 people. (Father, Mother, siblings, wife, children)

Because of the developer rank, we are working with the best developers in Dubai. in Dubai there are more than 150 developers, but we work with 10 of them only because they are the best, trusted for completion date, high quality finishing, many services, facilities and amenities.

We explain about the escrow account, It will secure the buyer money and assure your rights.

– tax free income which attract any investor all over the world.

– Guarantee (Escrow) accounts to each project so, Dubai land department judge all transactions.

– Suitable square feet prices over other countries in addition to remarkable capital appreciation increase.

– High return of investment.

– Easy luxurious life.

To own a property in UAE you have to be holding a valid passport from your original country.

UAE has all the options regarding real estate market, yet 80% of the developers provide a lifetime ownership of your property that will be a freehold one.

It’s differs from one bank to another , differs according residency situation and monthly income but generally as follow :

– Local / employee more than 8k AED

– Residant / employee more than 15k AED

– Non residant / employee more than 25k AED ( or what’s equivelant to it by his currency )

– Nonresident / non-employee (free work) bank statement showing in the last 4 months at least transactions value over 75k AED

(Or what’s equivalent to it by his currency).

– We’ve a real estate quote by Robert Allen which say “Buy real estate and wait, not wait to buy “, So, when you buy at off plan case you take the advantage of low square feet price which increases gradually by construction developing.

– The ability to plan and choose many details in your unit while it is still under processing.

– Off plan projects showing higher ROI than ready one.

– The brokerage companies have a wide variety of projects, but developers have only their own projects.

– Brokers offer free consultation, free pre and post purchase services. – like physician brokers are GPs who know at least thing about everything.

UAE has no obligation of passport holders to invest and own properties in UAE, yet it gives you a privilege more than any other country like the investor and Golden Visa

Off plan:

This depends on the developer but mainly after paying 34% of your property value you can sell it out and pay some fees for the DLD and paperwork.


You have to be paid fully the value of your property and holding the title deed as a proof of your ownership of your villa.

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